Friday, June 02, 2006

Really wishing I'd managed to squeeze in another 2 1/2 hours of work earlier in the week so I could be asleep now. Oh well, no big deal, who needs to feel good, anyway?

Peretz was gagging and wheezing a bunch yesterday, had us a bit worried, but he seems OK now. Generally things have been kind of a drag for him lately, cold raininess means less playtime with other pups. Amusing play incident from last week: very butchy woman walking some sort of border collie mix, wants to play with Peretz real bad, they sniff and circle, then Peretz tries to climb up on her head, 'Oh no,' says woman, 'he's trying to mount her, she doesn't like that!', and starts dragging the dog away, dog desperately trying to get back to P, tongue hanging out of side of mouth, eyes sparkling. Projection is a bitch.

Just a reminder, The Laudable Pus would be delighted to bring the rock to your home or private function, so bored lately I think I could get pretty worked up, it could be an exciting time.

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