Monday, June 05, 2006

Back at work doing that thing I couldn't do earlier, just did Tibetan with Joel & Emily with E more glum than anyone has any business being while doing Tibetan, certainly more glum than anybody who fixes me snickerdoodles has any need to be. I'm concentrating hard on the Aleph trying to make her feel better, you of pure blood feel free to do the same, the rest of you do whatever it is you do.

Despite the whole 4.5 hrs sleep thing, I'm feeling pretty groovy, maybe it's because of the 4.5 hrs sleep thing. Itching to get back to my pup, he was so excited when I came home, but it was just for a minute, to switch into a yak-free shirt, screaming cell phone lady + Scottish Rite marching band made me break my usual table etiquette & decorum.

Got Peaches blaring on the headphones, suck it up.

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