Monday, June 12, 2006

Apparently, dbr stands for damaged beyond repair, at least for today. Went to show and just felt really disoriented, eventually gave up and came home, did really enjoy Alexis's video, if it had been all 3 minute videos and somebody kept handing me glasses of water, I probably would've had an amazing time. Can't imagine how I'm going to deal with work tomorrow if I feel even remotely like this.

Now I'm lying on couch, watching 'Octopussy' on TV, I'm 12 all over again, awesome. I remember really digging the tiny plane in the opening sequence, it's still pretty great. I got really excited about James Bond movies as a kid- I remember going to see 'Clash of the Titans' for my brother's twelfth birthday at this movie theater in downtown Nashville and being really excited by a, I think, cutout display involving the woman's legs and crossbow from this poster:

Good times. Maybe I should make some DarthVaderAde.

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