Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just got back from a brief visit to my father's remote rustic/moderne fantasy/nightmare. He's having a bit of trouble getting his RV level, lady who owns the campground is apparently afraid of dogs, array of permanently installed looking RVs with porches, etc., wondering who lives there & if I should. Was bummed that my ipod ran out of charge on the way back, haven't been listening to enough music amidst the chaos and was really enjoying doing so, caught a string of mediocre indie pop off one of the college stations the rest of the way, finished up as I was getting home with that Raincoats song about how her spirit is dancing, so that was pretty awesome.

Thinking about writing some poems, wishing I had my 4 track, maybe I should buy that one off Susan. Heard a PSA on the college radio, considering adopting a manatee.

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