Saturday, June 10, 2006

Feeling a bit vague, this inability to sleep in thing has got to get dealt with. Trying to figure out what to fix for potluck at show at Bev & Shannon's house later, bread pudding maybe? Should I go all out & make a sauce for it? Need to buy dog food, coffee filters (the fuckers who made my coffee filters inserted a coupon in the old box which I mistook for a filter), wonder if there's cheap fresh blackberries or anything like that to be had that would work well in a bread pudding. Maybe I should make something altogether different, something savory?

Just had a look at the always somewhat disturbing Dan Treacy blog, cripes.

Should really go find some food so I can feel less fuzzy, if you somehow manage to intercept me en route I practically guarantee a full on teddy bear experience, after the nutrients get to the brain, not so much. Can check out the farmer's market too, huzzah!

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