Monday, June 12, 2006

5 am woken up by migraine, just managed to get out into the light about 15 minutes ago. Fell back asleep at some point, had some very dramatic dreams, so if I seem bored or disappointed in your actual behavior, that's why, nothing personal. Caffeine slowly making me feel more normal, eyes aren't really focusing properly, right instep really hurts for some reason.

Could go into to work, I guess, but looking at computer screen is kind of difficult, so it would probably be very irritating. Going to make a veg curry later with remaining stuff from last week's farm share. Don't really know what to do with myself, feel pretty limp. Maybe some laundry?

Reminds me of being a kid not going to school because I stayed up all night reading scifi novels, maybe I should make myself some chicken soup & toast or english muffins with cream cheese & jam.

My mom just discovered blogs the other day, a woman who she liked who worked at the NIH just died of gastric cancer & had recorded her treatment/disease experiences for the past two years or so. She was surprised by the emotional impact it had & that people thought to do such things, I was a little surprised too, but only because of her age (64), guess she had a son who does computer stuff.

Internet connection is down again, fucking Comcast.

While bored at work last week I spent a lot of time reading friends of friends blogs and came across this livejournal sex tips group, made me feel a lot better about never finishing the 'sex that hurts' video/zine I was working on in the mid 90s, that's right you shambling baby-fed reanimated carcasses, should I fall, there's a thousand young comrades ready to take up the flag of ripping you to wriggling, uncanny shreds, so just give it up already, no brains for you here.

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