Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Got out of work early today (hurrah!) because I had to go back later (boo!), just got back from the first 2 hours of that, need to go back around 11 & finish up. Did enjoy my time off in the afternoon, went burrito hunting (bagged one easy, natch), had a mocha, got really wet, hung out with P, picked up the first of my farm share (mostly greens for now due to prolonged wetness & some cabbage relatives that I'm afraid T won't eat), made a nice salad, watched some of a terrible romantic comedy, which I imagine I'll watch the rest of when T gets back from visiting her very sick grandma, etc. Get a lot more done at work when nobody's there, lose track of time, listen to music, it's pretty OK.

Had some Grape Nuts while writing the above, feel recharged & ready for anything.

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