Sunday, June 11, 2006

OK, server maintenance underway, remembered to bring coffee, ipod, listening to 'Ave, Lucifer' at the moment.

CHKDSK 19% Complete...

Will be here for awhile, lovely morning outside, pity, we could be soaking our feet in a mountain stream, our beverages trailing away on strings, readying themselves for the inevitable picnic.

At some point need to find employment which gives me more of an opportunity to indulge my lazy, sensuous proclivities. Any ideas? I can get projects done really fast if it means I get to roll around in meadows with loved ones the rest of the time.

Collecting Partition Data...

Of course, this pastoral crap is only a metaphor, or somewhat anyway, I really want to (fill in the blank), really badly actually. Let's play Mad Libs.

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