Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In further rabbit news, there was a fire overnight on Hancock Street, "This morning, firefighters were tending to a rabbit named Smokey in a cage rescued from the building. The rabbit was in good condition. 'He was a little sooty, but he was fine,' said Deputy Fire Chief Dana Cheverette." Also that baby bunny just isn't learning to be appropriately afraid of P, think he's going to get eaten by somebody some time soon.

Spacing out listening to "We are Acid Mothers Afrirampo", suits my physical/mental state very well. My mom's getting a bit exhausted by her class schedule, hope my going to see music tonight means she'll get more sleep. Also, Emily's been doing unspeakable things of which I will not speak. The strawberry icebox pie was very nice though. Wonder what volume of strawberries farm share will offer this week?

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