Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Most of you who know me at all well are aware of both my interest in and enjoyment of 'experimental' music & my dislike of music criticism, that said, I'm now going to say some critical things about 'experimental' music. 1st, I don't understand why so much of the experimentation confines itself to replicating results achieved in the 1960s & 1970s, if not earlier, & 2nd, I find it constantly shocking that there is so little interest in experimenting with composition in the plane determined by the emotional & social dimensions so thoroughly exploited by pop music. Alright, enough said & no finger pointing, a word to the wise & all that.

Got a lot of chances to indulge my rescue proclivities last night, rushed Petya to Springfield bus due to unannounced schedule change, rushed Mary home from work after noticing her car being towed away from the paper's lot on returning from the Springfield bus station, rushed home from that to advise T on dealing with social complexities arising from the present conjuncture. If my life could somehow be reduced to helping people move about in physical/social spaces, I'd probably be an image of contentment.

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