Friday, June 23, 2006

Late night out at the noise/folk show with mom, think she kind of dug Feathers anyway, enjoyed telling random people about her class. Feeling a little less than bright eyed as a result, need to slow down a bit, I think, don't see it happening real soon though. T did end up going to her Goa Trance fest after all, good on her, I say.

Just a little more work this week, but after, it's laundry laundry laundry intermixed with serving as a parental entertainment center. All sorts of work on the horizon that're stressing me out, could use a position of irresponsibility if anyone's got one available.

Also need to get on with some evil works, but a little out of practice with the craft, might end up devoured by a cthonic something or other, if so, it's been a pleasure knowing you. It'll probably be OK, though, the stones of that ruin or temple or whatever it is Peretz & I found in the woods don't look too cyclopean and I think I'm making real progress on translating the inscriptions on its door, so I'll probably soon have the correct procedure for opening it.

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