Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't know why most people's lack of both a sense of humor (or what I would consider one anyway) and a capacity for substantive self-criticism continues to surprise me, but it sure does. Looking to buy a ticket to somewhere where this is not the case. Listening to Moon Mullican driving out to RV campground earlier, "Don't stand there with a silly frown, say the word we'll be altar bound, we'll buy a little shack & then we'll settle down," very touching and sound, I think.

Made a nice garlic-heavy soup earlier with some stuff from farm share (kale, turnips, garlic scapes) & some other stuff, gave some to Jess in the hope it would help her hand stitch itself back together, hope it's not too garlicky for her or anything.

Feeling very tired & consequently very sad, idea of work tomorrow is overwhelming, pretty sick of things generally. Was pleased to hear that my mildly English-challenged dinner companion of yesterday took others to the same restaurant today and remains highly enthusiastic about it.

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