Friday, June 16, 2006

Skipping along, post-cosmopolitan, alright, alright. Allsorts momo & beautiful skies day after day, it's almost too much. Fun with mom. Saw Joel off OK, I think, lots of kitchen stores, gourmet stores, nice cup of coffee, it's all a pretty, pretty blur. Fantasies of yuppie kitchen wonderland, farm share is the first step of many, wonder how Neil's home inspection went?

World cup again, feet hurt, dog's feelings hurt, mom's checking her webmail, dog's nosing around, nosing around. Tried to see if Jess in fact wanted to see my mom, she's in a postsurgical haze apparently, hope her hand gets better. Feeling a little less disaffected than normal, time for that sincere, in-depth chat, maybe? Prose rhythms are getting a little old, most likely need more sleep.

Talking stocks, fluctuations in the market, annuities, inheritance, etc. Time to plan for your future now.

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