Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Had fun being technical person today, hauling computer equipment around in the rain & installing it, testing ethernet wiring, dsl line in new Amherst office, kind of an interesting installationy environment over there, with concrete blocks every two feet holding down the new carpeting, walking funny around them to each data port, like a funny-walking bee from flower to flower. My feet are very wet.

My mom & my picnic with my dad has been delayed a day due to the rescheduling of her class's morale boosting softball game from today to tomorrow due to rain, she's now got a lecture tonight instead. My dad's cell doesn't work out at the rv camp, left a voicemail with the camp owner asking her to inform him of the change in plans, it's making me a little nervous, of course.

Soon, off to pick up another load of vegetables, when will the healthy goodness stop? I'm going to make an effort to smoke extra heavily on the way over to the farm and back, wouldn't want to disappoint my fans.

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