Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Got out of work v. early, went to hang out with my mom on her lunch break, walked around town in the hazy day after, met Tanya & Petya for coffee, etc., etc. Really need to shave, itchiness from that + itchiness from bug bites = too much itchiness.

Some kind of musical event every night from today through Friday, not sure how much of that I can make due to parental visit responsibilities, but look forward to hearing some of it.

Tanya can't decide whether to go to her electronic hippy music fest in southern PA due to the fact that her grandma might die any time now. Obviously this is very stressful for everyone involved, hooray for life.

Still doing pretty well on using up veggies from farm share, made a salad with field greens, caramelized fennel & some other stuff yesterday but didn't really eat any of it myself, at least somebody ate it.

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