Friday, June 02, 2006

So it seems like something, not sure what, is on for Tuesday evening at 6:66 in the park behind Cooper's house, come play music if you want or just bask in his all-perfect love, think I might bring Capri Suns for everybody, maybe some sort of marshmallow cookies. Fernando's up for it apparently, so it will no doubt be something.

Show tonight wasn't exactly a blast, but wasn't bad either, screaming karate kids v. drone folk, might sound better on tape, I was feeling pretty damp, hit myself in the face a few times, girls love that shit. Also no one official was on hand when I showed up, so I did door for a while, the kids all want something for nothing & I can't blame them.

Feeling extremely nervous about nothing in particular, fed up with even the smart kids being stupid, big image, big secrets, big fucking deal. Really, if you're reading this, I probably find you uncannily delightful & all, but what's most interesting about you is the stuff you haven't done yet, can we get on with it?

Been wanting to listen to some new music all day, couldn't find anything I wanted in town & too lazy to explore the internet, stuck with 'Bristol Stomp' looping in my head, oddly Dooley suggested trying to drive it out with 'Borstal Breakout' which I'd already tried earlier. Maybe I should try 'Crystal Blue Persuasion'?

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