Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Went to hang out with Joel & Emily in town, where Emily's desire for snacky things led us to a smorgasbord of side dishes at bbq place. High caloric intake has made me feel a bit better, mentally anyway, still feeling pretty physically & emotionally wrecked. While walking home was obsessing about the profoundly antihuman forces driving everything and how everything decent one tries to do mostly serves to enable their continued reign of suffering & death. Probably best not to think about it. Lots of James Bond on TV, will perhaps have a mylar-encased fruity drink.

Fruity drink is very refreshing, feel more fruity already.

Remember U.S. debut of Capri Sun, was a big deal when I was in 5th grade (for those of you following this regularly, this would be the school year following the summer of going to see 'Clash of the Titans', being interested in cut out of lady w/ crossbow), my friend John Henry Rice tried to impress a girl he liked (Jennifer Bondurant, I believe) by having another friend of ours, the somewhat effeminate Chad Goldman, deliver a Capri Sun to her on a faux silver platter. Chad was kind of fascinating, I went to his house once to watch 'Creepshow' and he kept hiding his eyes behind his hands, but peeking through his fingers, especially during the man devoured by roaches part- he had a very frightening mother with extremely long painted nails who was my 'den mother' the one year I was in Cub Scouts and a stepfather who I was told had blown a stray cat in half with a handgun.

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