Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So T's got a Burning Man buddy attempting to flirt with her via SMS, most of his output is pretty marginal, but this one from ~3AM would make a lovely proverb, I think, "The sheep become tastier when you rub salt in their wounds." This seems so beautiful to me on so many levels, almost makes me think she should take the guy up on his propositions.

It's also got me thinking about Harvey Sacks's remarks on proverbs again (check out the dispute attached to the Sacks wikipedia article in which David Sudnow, author of a moderately interesting phenomenological treatment of learning jazz piano I read a long time ago & also a study of his obsession with Atari 2600 breakout, appears to be descending into paranoia).

It struck me again the other day how my current occupation is largely the result of the sort of information which is available on the Internet. I remember some time in the 90s being disappointed I couldn't find anything much of interest on here and wishing the material I wanted was covered in as much depth as the computer stuff. This same effect is now seen in medical research, according to my mom, with nothing much cited pre-1992 (or whatever date fulltext online versions of articles become available). Please put some other stuff up, I'm getting tired of being computer/person.

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