Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally fell asleep on the couch, watching cartoons, woken early by a VoIP informercial, 'If you're a technical person and know what a router is...", oh, do I ever. Feel surprisingly OK given the inadequate sleep, morning showers & coffee for everybody and we'll get this shit straightened out.

Peretz finally got around to chasing one of this Spring's lethargic, overly sanguine bunnies, shattering my fantasy of walking in on him playing cards with a group of them, drinking tea, eating ginger snaps.

Just listening to a Strapping Fieldhands song about a junkie prostitute, strange how they've stuck with me when so many things I liked in the mid 90s have fallen by the wayside, wonder what happened to my copy of that ep of theirs with the song about the Jersey Devil and the cover of 'Lay Down'? Maybe Joel has it? In any case, I stand by my advice to let your white birds smile up at the ones who stand and frown.

Looks like good weather for performance tomorrow, which is awesome because I checked out that park yesterday with Peretz & it is looking particularly diabolical, I particularly enjoyed the caution tape streaming like a strangely elongated flag from the top of a giant conical mound.

Work doesn't look so bad from closer to, what was I thinking?

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