Friday, June 30, 2006

Overheard in town:

He: ...that guy, that skinny little guy with a beret, that was Stevie Ray Fucking Vaughn... before he was famous!
She: Oh, oh, oh!

The oh, oh, oh bit was better in person, percussive, shifting up in pitch. Also continued my comparative analysis of choice in clothing/automobiles, skinny chicks with baseball caps & pony tails driving Jeeps=5, almost ready to propose "People who drive Audis look like total assholes" as a natural law. Picked up some maple sugar candy for my mom to celebrate her 'graduation.' Ran into Steve the poet at bookstore, he disapproves of Laundry Room Squelchers shoving people, I think he & a lot of other people need to lighten up, hopefully it was just because they hurt Jess's finger & not some general opposition to rambunctiousness/horseplay on the part of the youth, there's enough prim middle aged ladies already.

My dad came down earlier to get his awning checked out, would take too long to get a replacement here, but guys at rv shop managed to get it to retract fully, he's going to get it replaced once back home, sounds like insurance may cover it. Went to lunch with him at Look Restaurant afterwards, enjoyed our burgers, I enjoyed my Al's Cola, looking forward to Harmony Springs at cookout tomorrow. Drink local, drink often!

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