Thursday, June 15, 2006

Comcast person is supposed to call my cell when he arrives, I am, of course, worried that that won't actually happen, so as time to go to work approaches, I am becoming more and more nervous about it. Anyway, hopefully whatever the problem is will actually get fixed and it won't involve multiple appointments, all of which will make me similarly nervous, if I ever get old & sick enough to have the kind of dealings with the medical system that I currently have with the communications system, hopefully extreme nervousness will lead to an quick, relatively painless demise.

Peretz is acting totally bananas, in & out of Tanya's room all night apparently, had an urgent need to play with me with a bone when I tried to go to bed last night, this morning he's been growling at me whenever I pay attention to anything but him. Don't think he much liked me only being home & awake for about an hour last night.

Article in the paper yesterday about Flywheel's looming loss of its facilities, rife with factual errors, of course. Should probably do something to help out, what we really need is an anarchoartistic megaplex, maybe I should look for a higher paying job.

Comcast guy just called, on his way, apparently.

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