Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stupid me scheduled a downtime so it wouldn't inconvenience others & now I need to be at work at 9am this morning.

Second house show in 2 days was surprisingly pleasant, nice music, even enjoyed talking with some people, though the amount some people drink kind of grosses me out. It's not that I blame them or anything, but they're really irritating, moreso than people really fucked up on anything I can think of actually, I mean, you'd think people all hopped up on speed would be worse, but not really, in my experience. Had a great time with Hank the beagle & some cats. Hank is easily startled by loud noises, so he was having some difficulties, I think we got through it OK.

Got home to TV Party Russian style, sort of makes me wish I hadn't gotten T that movie as I could've been avoiding much needed sleep watching anime rather than writing this. In addition to the above mentioned beagle infidelities, I also forgot to get dog food. Peretz is pissed.

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