Thursday, June 29, 2006

Peretz's campaign of terror against future trips to the vet continues with another pee stain in my room. Forgot to call to get the results of his heartworm test in all the rushing around yesterday, hope that's OK, assuming they would have called me if not.

More legitimately technical work on the horizon for today, it's quite a relief. Also it involves an afternoon drive to Greenfield which should be a blast, somebody was telling me about a good French bakery there, should look into that.

Was reading some really accomplished descriptive prose yesterday and it got me thinking about my strange hostility to that sort of thing, writing it, reading it, should work on that maybe. Really enjoy walking around having perceptions, tend to feel as though I'm doing them and myself violence when I try to put them into words. Not that I'm all that opposed to doing myself violence.

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