Thursday, June 29, 2006

So picked up a bunch of tasty items (quiche, avocado/tomato salad, tapanade, etc., etc.) for picnic with my dad at his rv camp, picked up my mom, drove over there, turned out he had managed to destroy the awning of his rv by leaving it up in a storm that came on while he was taking a nap Sunday evening, has apparently been sitting in the rain all week, find it really hard to understand why he didn't drive it down to town to get it looked at on, say, Monday. Think he was worried about getting it level again if he moved it, did manage to convince him to come & look into getting it fixed tomorrow instead of Saturday. Should be an exciting time. Laundering some of his towels now. Dogs had a good time & a good part of our picnic. Peretz still seems a little off from his vet experience, he was very relieved about the heartworm test coming back negative, had been worried about the possible consequences of some fun times he had with some Caribbean puppies during a trip to NYC last fall.

Almost unbelievably tired, just a little more working for the weekend...

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