Saturday, June 24, 2006

My dad decided to move into his RV camp early as the rain is making him want to run his A/C at night which he needs to be plugged in to do, going to go up there with Peretz for dog activities shortly. Later, going to Europa in S. Hadley for tapas with my mom, a woman from her class & possibly Emily & Joel. Also need to put up some music by Italian noise group Maximillian I onto the PMA later. The band is named after the evil robot from 'The Black Hole', making me feel like I should rewatch a bunch of the B movie scifi rushed out in the wake of 'Star Wars' some time soon.

Nearly broke my ankle a few minutes ago slipping on a wet pine cone on my front step, hard to tell if I succeeded in fucking it up in other ways yet, feels a little funny. Still feel wet from my rain experience late last night, need to try to fit in a shower among my activities. Also thinking about joining a monastic order.

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