Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back at work again, thing doesn't want to get done, got a bunch else done in the meantime, occassionally wander past monitoring progress, yet again have quite the headache.

Finished watching movie, really appalling the things people will spend good money on, I'd tell you its name, but some of you completists out there might feel compelled to watch it to make your 'you are my sunshine' experience the most it can be and, as you may know, we can't have that. It's kind of tempting to make an actually worthwhile & enlightening movie about love & loss, but I think there've been enough suicides already.

Forgot to grab my ipod on the way out the door from home, may be reduced to listening to something streaming, yeech.


Anonymous said...

it's national headache week.

dbr said...

Tell me about it.