Thursday, June 15, 2006

After starting the day poking around in the ceiling of my basement with cable guy and getting covered with bits of insulation, things gradually improved, work was busy but not unpleasant, got out a little early and went to fetch my mom from the airport. She brought me bbq, which was very enjoyable, & I took her for an orientation walk around the Smith campus, where we both very much enjoyed looking at the dawn redwood.

Peretz still seems a little resentful over having been locked in the bathroom while the cable guy was here (he was so agitated he ripped the trim off one side of the door), smoked pork seems to have mellowed these feelings somewhat.

Would really like to get the work week over with and get on with hanging out with my mom. Think I'm supposed to take Joel to the train some time tomorrow afternoon (2?), perhaps we will have lunch before.

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