Friday, June 16, 2006

Wow, this is so stupid, I'm almost proud to have provoked it:

"You Are My Sunshine. 24 Apr. 2006. Google Blogger: Create Your Own Blog. 24 Apr. 2006.

I stumbled onto this blog on a fluke. So far, there has only been one post, and here it is in its entirety: “Oh, gosh, well this is uncomfortable…Just a sign of how extreme my desperate boredom at work has become, I guess.” This may sound stupid, but sometimes I find that a person can learn volumes from something as short and simple as this blog. Basically, this blog is indicative of a larger social problem; I decided to include it in my annotated bibliography as a way of bringing this problem to light. The advent of new technologies has done a lot of good, but it’s also allowed employees to find new ways of slacking off during company time; this blog is an example of that new development. As technology continues to change and grow, employers are going to have to think of ways to use technology to increase proficiency, instead of being hindered by it. This blog also shows just how easy it is to have a blog; the software and design are obviously intuitive and easy to use — so much so, that it could even be done at work, apparently!"
- John Bolin- Professional Badass


poppy bird said...

where does one even begin to untangle the irony?

congrats, btw.

dbr said...

Uh, on what? That's nothing. Save the accolades for when another rushed, incompetent college student cites this in a last minute essay on Baudrillard and I make fun of that.