Friday, June 02, 2006

Conversation earlier brought 'Bristol Stomp' back to mind, fuck, what a great song, sang some snatches of it to remind the person I was talking to what song it was, Bristol, CT, represent, people should really sing more and more dance crazes damn it.

Spent a while curled up in a blanket singing little songs to myself in a very high falsetto, feel kind of flushed and fucked up, should probably make an effort to get rained on less.

Stuff to do later, that's a plus, maybe I'll have a magical experience that's not solely contained in my mind, doubt it, though- really, though, there's this fantastic shit going on in my head constantly, really seems like I should be more fascinating- come on, kids, talk to me some time, I have all kinds of ideas you can rip off, build your whole life and reputation around if you want, cure for your Friday blahs...

So, was that psycho and off-putting enough, or do I need to try harder?

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