Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just had an extremely intense series of déjà vus on my way out of the grocery store, starting with a grain fed teenage stocker saying something about being drunk off his ass and climaxing in a wildly sustained thought about my writing about repetitions earlier, a sort of ultraslow motion N2O experience, a giant bouncing balloon careening glacially across the parking lot, a wonder I wasn't hit by a truck, had I been, I would no doubt have drifted gloriously away, to a better place and time.

Reminds me of a chain letter I meant to write ages ago with a long list of examples of the profoundly transformative spiritual experiences had by those who 'broke the chain.'

Also, people have suddenly taken to paying back money they owe me, which is great, but for some reason they're all doing it with cash, vaguely paranoid about depositing all of it getting me put on yet another watch list (so I write about it on my blog...). Still $10 outstanding on a mushroom plaque, you know who you are.

Oh, listened to this free Deerhoof EP earlier, pretty nice and explains why my server has been so busy, fuck you, Pitchfork.

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