Saturday, July 22, 2006

While actually blowing people up as part of a large scale conceptual (meta)farce may have once been cutting edge, it no longer shocks or intrigues, please give it up, if you need ideas as badly as you seem to, I have lots of them regarding the interesting use of people, feel free to inquire. As a freebie teaser, how about an infinitely multiplied light comedy, lots of people up trees, confusions of identity, bungled late night breakins to recover misappropriated objects, wordplay, weddings & feasts, sounds fun, right?

Rainwater filtered through my sweaty hair makes my eyes burn. OK, going to experience more of that in my role of corporate dupe dutifully going to the recycling center.

Ah, last minute phone call delays my fate as tool of an unjust system, it's farmers' market and local soda before serving the propaganda needs of my sinister postindustrial masters.

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