Friday, July 28, 2006

About to go help some pals move, just started pouring, happy sysadmin appreciation day.

While walking P in sunshower a little while ago, young woman in slinky dress borrowed my leopard print lighter to singe the tips of her rainbow ribbon pin, hard to do with all the gusts. She gave me a little pink flyer for "OutSpoken: 'You Said What?!' A poetry slam to celebrate the release of 'The Q Files' a 'zine for queer youth activists" tonight at 7-9:30 in the Maplewood Shops, does that mean she likes me?

OK, off to tote & lift.


poppy bird said...

the linguist behind the sunshower etc. dialect survey was one of my advisors in grad school. he had this way of asking you deep probing personal questions and staring intently at you as you responded, then making some observation about your dialect.

dbr said...

When T read this she didn't know what a sunshower was, when I described it, she said, 'oh, mushroom rain.' The geographic range over which expressions for this phenom involving foxes' weddings appear is also quite something.