Saturday, July 29, 2006

At some point, need to figure out how to arrange my life such that I can enjoy more evening coffee, its magic transcends description, floating along on a cloud of private joy, hi down there. Was just out walking around trying to write in my head, fragments, gibberish, not the day for it, I guess. Was thinking about what a funny word 'pert' is, a cloud of senses not quite congealing in my head which nonetheless seem to refer to some single entity which I would be interested in getting to know better, I remember hearing the word 'foxy' in some old r&b song once and feeling that the singer had something much more definite in mind than I would, his delivery of the word splashing against my ear like a warm raindrop pregnant with the future, a world alive with sinuous, untrustworthy forms- they're looking at me.

A children's song I've been working on:

We fuck what we kill & we kill what we fuck
We want your vote in November cause we've got the right stuff
We're killfuckers, killfuckers

You get the idea, maybe you can write the rest before they get you.

Ah, 'One Piece' is on now, ridiculous 'rap' theme song reminds me of my childhood obsession with 'Going Berserk'. Everybody going berserk, going berserk, going berserk. Funny was just discussing Vikings earlier.

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