Thursday, March 15, 2007

Was nice to get out of the house, show was pleasantly uncrowded, nice chats with folks about varied subjects, new fish 'n' chip place in Holyoke, personal demons, pie, music took me away from myself a bit, should find some more unselfing activities.

Heard yesterday that my pal Chris back in Nashville may no longer be able to do shows at the art space where he's been doing shows as he let some kid do a show there while he was out of town and one of the kid's friends took somebody else's art and destroyed it on video, was arrested, etc. Heard this from another friend, but spoke to Chris a couple weeks ago and he was already pretty bummed out, down on himself, usual crap. He's going to be up here playing music next weekend, maybe that'll cheer him up?

Planning to go into work early tomorrow, not tired at all right now, should be interesting.

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