Saturday, March 31, 2007

Doing online crosswords, thinking about sex. I know guys are supposed to think about sex once every 7 seconds or something, that's not me, normally anyway, prim little schoolgirl, mind on metaphysics, narratology, self-structuring systems. Anyway, had some very interesting sex, now I'm thinking about it quite a bit. Usually I get detached and bored quite easily, this wasn't like that at all, also felt very healthy & correct. What's weirder, I'm quite sure the feeling was mutual. Didn't last, sadly, we're both alone again and, given our idiosyncrasies, likely to stay that way. Well, she's not alone, in theory, anyway. Don't get me started about theory, I can go on & on.

Peretz seems to be feeling a bit better.

Did eat some pears, should probably have something more substantial.

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