Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Came home for lunch to a package from my mom- audiobooks, M & Ms, dog biscuits, headphones & a poem by my grandma. It's under the name Henrietta Krupp, so I guess it's from her school where they didn't believe Yetta was a real name. Anyway, here it is:


By Henrietta Krupp

I sat in woods so deep and still
And to the trees I listened,
I harkened to the Whip-poor-will,
And watched the river glisten.

I heard the music of the wind,
Blowing a tumult through the trees,
I saw the birds their young attend
And watched the honey-making bees.

I watched the rustling of the trees,
I heard the murm'ring of the stream.
I saw the squirrels each other tease.
It seemed as if 'twas all a dream.

I miss my grandma.

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