Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just made spicy beans 'n' rice thing to eat on tortillas, feeling a bit flushed, maybe the warm weather's behind that, had a funny headache earlier as well. Spent a good deal of today thinking about philosophy stuff no one cares about, trying to renew my interests in things no one cares about, better for everyone.

Had a nice chat with coworker about my resistance to Orwell's recommendations for quality prose, the role of the concept of production in architectural theory, the hideous senior center being built across the street. In further developments on the architectural theory front, received a 2 volume set of Ruskin's letters to somebody or other in the mail from my brother today, should be a ripping good read.

Feel like I've been at work without a break for the past two weeks, it's partially reflective of reality, but mostly a result of spending so much of my time away from work in nightmarish anxiety states best forgotten, those seem to have died down for the moment, now I'm just tired and bored.

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