Friday, March 23, 2007

Done with work for the week, just took P for a walk in the woods, probably a mistake, very slushy & muddy, feet are a bit damp.

Planning to spend next week learning about Cisco firewalls. In the friendly, sensible universe next door, alternate me will be travelling to Baltimore late in the week. Could have easily done both actually, maybe with a little less attention paid to each as a result, but I suppose as I'm stuck in a hostile, chaotic hell dimension, it probably makes sense to know as much about firewalls as humanly possible, maybe learn to automate handling of traffic like:

"Hi dbr, we'd really appreciate your treating our blind, unreasoning hatred of you with your usual sensitivity and understanding. We're also a bit concerned about the sort of response that certain deeply painful things we're planning to do to you might elicit, if you could offer any reassurance on this point, we'd feel a lot more comfortable going ahead.


Your Pals"

Going to go to town for lunch & challah now I think.

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