Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's raining, should start looking for a bluebird pretty soon.

I wrote to a friend of mine a while ago that I was good in emergencies but bad at normal life. She took this totally the wrong way, of course. It's really only bad for me, hyperalertness just gets to be a real drag when there's nothing to be hyperalert about, it doesn't really have much of an effect one way or another on other people, not usually anyway. Then mostly they just get the benefit of more extensive planning than might be expected. Sometimes, when my guard's down, I tell people about what I'm thinking which can be annoying, I imagine, I certainly find it annoying thinking it a lot of the time.

So I was driving home from Hadley a while ago with a router and snacks & I got to thinking about some small windows of time last year when I felt perfectly safe. Thinking about this, it became strangely clear to me that the things that were making me feel perfectly safe were still the case despite changes in external circumstances & that I could focus my attention on them and feel that way pretty much whenever I liked. It's pretty neat, pity I get distracted.

Good to have a comrade.

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