Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wow, busy busy busy. Very enjoyable band practice, bbq & saw The Cherry Blossoms last night which was, as always, totally amazing, probably even more than usual since it's been so long since I've seen them, & Josephine Foster, left me feeling all kinds of happy. Joel ended up sitting in on the Cherry Blossoms set, hope he enjoyed it. Supposed to be having lunch with John & Peggy & Josephine, hope they don't space it. Might go hiking with them also, but have all sorts of chores I've been neglecting in the pursuit of fun times, so I'll need to think about it. One good point of going on a hike is that Peretz could come & I feel pretty guilty over leaving him alone for so long yesterday. I do, however, feel pretty wiped out & there are all those chores...

Nice to talk to people who like Chris as much as I do, apparently he passed out from the internal bleeding thing on John's porch, lucky he wasn't driving or home alone or whatever. Still feeling pretty bummed about that.

Anyway, despite that, in quite the mood of general benevolence, so if you want anything, now's the time to ask.

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