Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another ridiculously hectic day at work, mostly dealing with fallout from the aforementioned system upgrade, luckily the only problems from the electrical storm were some glitchy networking equipment in Easthampton, still tidying up from my time away, doing bureaucratic busywork for my annual review, etc., etc.

Need to leave a bit early today so I can come back later and reboot some stuff, think I might go down the street to the new record shop & get some records. Note to self: remember that your car is in the work parking lot not the home parking lot.

Would really like to have a genuinely diverting conversation some time soon, anyone feel witty?


poppy bird said...

feeling the very antithesis of witty, sorry.

the word that blogger is asking me to type as comment verification - mwumaimh - sounds like something a gnome might say (another way).

that's all i've got.

dbr said...

Hey, not a dig at anybody- anyway, antithesis of witty could be good too, what is that anyway? profound? classical? I'll have to get out my Schlegel and check...

poppy bird said...

the word 'wit' has a rather fascinating etymology. check out all those crazy cognates.

also, "uwomn" is another potential gnome utterance. what's with blogger tonight?

dbr said...

I suppose 'erudite' might be a sort of antithesis of 'witty' also, it is pretty cool. Vaguely remember being kind of fascinated with that stuff back in my obsessed with Schlegel days, it gets kind of overwhelming.

It's one of those gnomes typing in the confrimation words of course, whoever's doing it's been eating those gnome mushrooms anyway.