Friday, May 26, 2006

So the former field across the street is destined to become a senior citizens' center, could be worse I guess, it's made Peretz take a bit more of a philosophical attitude about it as he enjoys the oldsters, construction noise will no doubt drive us all nuts for some time to come. Ah, Russian movie I've got on involves a pet turtle, lovely.

Glad to be about done with driving back & forth to & from Windsor, though the morning 45 minutes of music has been nice, looking forward to getting back to my normal pedestrian lifestyle. Also longing to be back with my friend Blanket, show last night was fun & distracting, but went to bed way too late, had a bunch of dreams in which I was someone entirely different, need to work on that.

Despite my soon to be achieved status of penetration testing specialist, my phone still isn't ringing off the hook, what gives?

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