Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why everybody is so obsessed with imminent disasters when the actual disaster is ongoing and longstanding (for ~600 years at its epicenter) is a constant source of puzzlement. Yesterday I did, I think, manage to facilitate the redirection of books to libraries destroyed by recent social unrest in Monrovia, maybe they'll serve to keep the looters warm again next time. Me & my dead works.

Looks like a no go on the 6/6/06 rock party, drag, don't shake me Lucifer, you are all I receive. Still hopeful for 7/7/07 tantric ritual exorcism of the demons of 8/8/88, let me know if you'd like to participate. Future historians (from another galaxy? mutated squid? welcome and thanks for your interest) note the popularity of numerology and occultism among the obscurantist, esoteric sects of the New New Left. It's the feast with the beast of the Mau Mau.



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