Thursday, May 25, 2006

So yesterday, while I was out, giant earth-moving machines ripped up all the grass from the field across the street where Peretz likes to play. It'll be time to move out into the hills pretty soon- Joni, you should come visit when that happens, I think you'd find we have a lot in common.

Speaking of that, I've been thinking for a long time of constructing a four dimensional emotional phenomena homunculus (loosely modeled on the somatosensory homunculus) whose surface is entirely enscribed with pop songs. 'Big Yellow Taxi' would be floating, tethered by weak associative links, somewhere near where 'You Are My Sunshine' has been incised with a razor on its hideously broken heart, with psychic filaments trailing up and into the future to 'Satellite of Love' and downward and into the past to 'Early Morning, Cold Taxi'. It gets very complicated quickly, obviously, but I'll keep working on it.

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