Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So incredibly sweaty that it's probably time for all you sweat fetishists out there to make your move as there is unlikely to be a better opportunity. Installed yet another air conditioner, this time in Tanya's room which had to be over 100 deg at the time, her old one, she found when she tried to activate it, had died during the winter like so many others. Then walked the dog in the prestorm oppressiveness.

Work was excitingly overwhelming with a week and a half of untended server mess to clean up and the rest of the IT dept out for the day in order to do a system upgrade tonight. Can't remember most of what I did, but I was pretty busy.

Could probably provide great prophecy due to extreme disorientation of senses if anybody needs any apostates roundly denounced or fates forebodingly foretold, genuine disheveled appearance, abstracted mien, reasonable rates.

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