Friday, May 26, 2006

Peretz is apparently even more excited about wet newly grown grass than llama traces, my shoulder hurts.

RV that was at the root of my delaying shopping earlier delayed me further on my return from my delayed shopping as the supergigantic tow truck hauling it away, windshield gone, covered with limp Oxbow plant life, was far too supergigantic to turn easily off Pleasant Street toward whatever fate awaits it.

Made a couple key lime pies and started marinating some pork chops for bbq tomorrow.

Very humid, feel damp and itchy, reminds me of being a kid at Whippoorwill Day Camp, appears they've built up the place a bit since my time, wonder if it's still run by the same cultish hippy family and if they still make kids sing their cultish hippy songs?

Gone to bed is the setting sun.
Night is coming and day is done,
Whippoorwill, Whippoorwill,
Has just begun.

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