Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rushed back from class to try to figure out some performance issues on a web server, didn't make much headway, I'm afraid.

A throbbing pain in my right temple (not enough sleep? too many stimulants? not enough water? yes! yes! yes!) notwithstanding, I then spent the last sunlit hours outside trying to read Poe, but ended up mostly getting involved in conversations with people instead- I think this forcing myself to write more regularly is making me into a bit of a chatty Cathy, oh well, not like anything I could do would alienate people a whole lot more than usual. Expressed some political sentiments (fairly unusual), talked about upcoming shows, discussed user interface design superficially, spoke up for Poe despite what some say against him, etc., etc.

A little hard to get my eyes to focus and the space bar is sticking, the sacrifices I make, and the ungrateful wretches just gulp it down and go right back to what they were doing. You'll regret it all some day.

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