Sunday, May 28, 2006

Just returned from a long walk with Mr. P through the renewed mugginess of dusk to my newly air conditioned nightmare, quite lovely really- come watch horror movies, I'll make chicken. Feel like I've spent the past several days drinking heavily, fucking promiscuously & getting in street fights, given the mild-mannered temperance of my actual existence this is a bit hard to explain, maybe just the effect of humidity & a slight lack of sleep?

Turned out the Cherry Blossoms only had time for lunch, but the small time I spent in their company should keep my despair-o-meter out of the red for a few days at least. Against my better judgement, I gave Peggy a copy of the cassette I made a while back since she really seemed to want one, ah, I don't really need people to respect me I guess. After they split, I went to J & E's for cake, found out Emily has undergone a food politics ideological shift into 'locally raised, humanely slaughtered' territory, so we went to get some local bacon, she says she's going to make German potato salad.

Still lots of chores to do, and I'm tempted to go out prowling for people to be friendly to, but I feel like shit & my heart is racing, so maybe it'll be a quiet night in, I'll contemplate finitude or multiplicity or something, maybe watch some TV.

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