Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So G&T was a no go as I just passed out instead, woke up around 5:30, drank a little coffee, walked the dog, got home to a 'help we can't connect to the database' message from work, went to work and brought the db server back up, been at work till a little before now, need to go back later to try to prevent the same thing happening again tomorrow.

Picked up farm share, they have eggplants & peppers & tomatoes now, very exciting, if you couldn't tell, Summer has arrived. Just stir fried some bok choy in a spicy black bean sauce, going to cook some frozen pork & black mushroom dumplings in a little while and toss them with it if I don't fall asleep first.

Signed myself up to go to a Microsoft TechNet presentation in Framingham next Tuesday, a masochistic theme develops.


Anonymous said...

It's the plot. It's only the theme if you feel weak that day.

dbr said...

Sorry, meant to write 'a masochistic theme park develops.