Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walked into town to get lemons, ended up at Peter & the Wolf show at Devon's house instead, a nice surprise, D even mustered up the gumption to play a song with her uke, very nice, though she should sing louder & more often. Turns out T got lemons anyway on way home from gym, must be some sort of propitious alignment & about time. Still feeling pretty shitty regardless, mind darting back & forth madly seeking things to be pissed about, had a good long internal rant about the repulsive state of moral thought at the present time centering on the concept of responsibility while driving to Amherst for work earlier, to summarize, if you feel really strongly it's someone else's fault, it's probably yours.

Anyway, all the irritation is just a means of distracting myself from the pure bleakness burning holes in my retinas, fuck fuck fuck.


nhennies said...

Oh, I was going to tell you go to see Peter & the Wolf. Glad to see I wasn't needed. Red is the greatest.

dbr said...

Yeah, it was pretty good, thought it had been cancelled, but chance intervened. Didn't get to stick around and chat or anything as I was needed at home to watch a BBC mystery.